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Retained Executive Search

Based in San Mateo, California, we help private equity firms all over the nation with retained executive search. We focus on executives and boards for technology-enabled companies in financial services, including:

• Insurance
• Health Care
• Education
• Business Services
• Financial Technology
• Private Equity

The Search Process

Given our consultative approach to search, our clients ultimately determine the process by which we execute an assignment. In general, there are five phases of the search process, but each of these steps can be modified, enhanced, or eliminated based on the client's needs and requirements. These include:

  Phase One:

  Organizational Consulting

Phase One: Organizational Consulting
  • Understand Industry Dynamics and Current Situation
  • Identify and Understand Needs and Requirements
  • Develop Search Strategy
  • Develop Position Specification, Potential Target Organizations, and Candidate Profiles

  Phase Two:

  Identify and Review

Phase Two: Identify and Review
  • Survey SVHC Internal and External Candidate Sources
  • Begin External Original Research
  • Develop Potential Candidate List
  • Assist in Evaluating Internal Candidates

  Phase Three:

  Interviewing and Presenting

Phase Three: Interviewing and Presenting
  • Contact Potential Candidates
  • Interview and Qualify Candidates Through Competency-Based Assessment
  • Prepare Candidate Presentations for Review
  • Present Qualified Candidates

  Phase Four:

  Selection and Presentation of Offer

Phase Four: Selection and Presentation of Offer
  • Understand Candidate Concerns
  • Understand Client's Concerns
  • Assist in Structuring Offer
  • Facilitate Communication Internally and Externally

  Phase Five:

  Transition Planning and Follow-Up 

Phase Five: Transition Planning and Follow-Up
  • Assist in Transition Planning
  • Follow-Up to Assure Successful Transition
  • Review